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Welcome to our FAQ page. We realized that every so often people ask us the same questions, so we compiled them for you. A lot of these questions are asked in person and over the internet, so hopefully you can find your answer here. If not, feel free to call us.

Common Queries and Questions

  • Where are you located? Which cities are you primarily based out of? +

    We are located in Thornhill, Ontario (Just south of Highway 407 at Yonge Street). We primarily serve customers who live in Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham or anywhere in the GTA.
  • How you are filing tax return? +

    We are using e-file whenever possible. E-filing is faster than normal filing, and also gets our customers their refunds in shorter span of time (2-3 weeks).
  • Do I need all my tax documents and tax slips before calling? +

    No. The sooner we get your basic information the better. We can create your tax profile by completing a tax interview with you. The tax interview allows us to get a complete picture of your tax situation so that we can consider all tax savings that are available to you.
  • Are tax return preparation fees tax deductible? +

    Sometimes, tax return preparation is a tax deductible expense if you are self-employed.
  • What can you claim as an expense? +

    As a rule of thumb, you can claim any reasonable expenses incurred to earn income. You can only do this if you are in business or are self-employed. We will ensure that all possible expenses are claimed to maximize your refund and get you every tax credits and deductions you
  • How much I should pay for tax return preparation? +

    Our service fees are very reasonable and the service provided is remarkable. Since everyone needs us to do something different, we are not able to provide you an estimate online. Call us and we will give you a price tailored towards you. We know you will be happy with the
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Call us if you would like to get help and resolve an issue with your bookkeeping and or tax. You’ll find the phone numbers for our support teams here in contact page.

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If you are not sure about required documents to claim your tax return effectively, download and use our free checklists.

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Online Live Chat

Live Chat support is another possibility by which we can serve you. We try to keep it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However if we are not available, simply leave a message and we will get back to you shortly.

What Our Clients Say

  • Harmonic Accounting has been doing our corporate tax planning, preparation and filing.They provide honest, dependable professional service with flexible hours of operation and reasonable rates. We are impressed with Harmonic Accounting and would recommend it to everyone.Air Leaders Inc., Dan K.
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