Tax planning and Consulting

We all must pay our fair share of tax, you should not have to pay more in tax than you are required to. At Harmonic Accounting we are familiar with a number of methods to increase bottom-line while lowering overall taxes.

Planning at the beginning of the year, in the middle of the year and at the end of the year.  We provide tax planning and consulting all year round.

Complete structure of planning. We will make sure you have the best tax planning for both individual tax and corporation tax at the same time. A perfect individual tax plan may result in more corporation tax owing from your business and vice versa. A combined individual tax and corporation tax plan enable you to save more.

Specialized, we are specialized in owner management planning. If you are the owner of a corporation, we can tell you what the best way is to take out the earnings of your corporation. Is it better to take dividend or salary from your corporation? If you need to take salary from the corporation, we will prepare payment schedule for both you and the government.

We provide tax optimization in the following areas:

  • Personal Tax Deductions and Credits
  • Investment portfolio review of Capital gains and losses
  • Advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
  • Advice on Shareholder loans and advances





Do You Need Information About Business Start Up?

Wondering whether incorporate a company or not? Perhaps you are looking to buy or sell your business or simply want to get back on track and make more money. Consulting is one of our services. We can offer valuable advice to help you make sound decisions.

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We Do Tax Preparation:

Our firm has extensive experience in personal income tax return services. We can help you with basic or even the most complex tax returns including investment income, special tax credits, rental properties, employment expenses and others.

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Do You Have Question?

We have all your required information to make a correct decision. You just need to contact us and ask for your needed information. We at Harmonic Accounting, Tax & Financial Services would be more than happy to help you to make a right decision.

What Our Clients Say

  • Harmonic Accounting has been doing our corporate tax planning, preparation and filing.They provide honest, dependable professional service with flexible hours of operation and reasonable rates. We are impressed with Harmonic Accounting and would recommend it to everyone.Air Leaders Inc., Dan K.
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